Kerasoy 4115 Massage Container Wax

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Kerasoy 4115 Massage Container Wax
KeraSoy Massage Container Grade is a blend specifically developed for the production of container candles. It is suitable for further blending with fragrances and oil soluble dyestuffs. KeraSoy Massage  Container Grade is biodegradable and vegan friendly. No animal products are used, and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture.

Due to the prevalence of genetically modified soybean crop in the market we are unable to guarantee entirely non-GMO sources, but we aim to source non-GMO wherever possible.

  • Fragrance Load Of Up 10 to 12%
  • Melting Point / Congealing Point (°C)93-107F
  • Melting Temperature (°C)131-140F
  • Pouring Temperature (°C)107-118F

*It is recommended to add aromatic oils at a temperature of at least + 131 ° F.