Reed Diffuser Base 16 oz (454g)

Reed Diffuser Base 16 oz (454g)

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Original Reed Diffuser Base! This base is the ideal foundation for your reed diffuser. The non-toxic and VOC compliant formula ensures that it is safe for your home and environment. This base is designed to accept a wide variety of fragrance formulations, easily wick up rattan sticks and is DPG-free to ensure diffuser sticks do not become over-saturated and clogged. 

Product Overview

 - VOC Compliant (~5%)

 - Non-Toxic

 - DPG-free, Alcohol-free

 - Phthalate-free, Paraben-free

 - California Prop 65 compliant 

 - Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free

Instructions for use

 - Please refer to each individual fragrance IFRA compliance (Category 10A) to determine usage rate compatibility. 

 - Recommended dilution ratio of 4:1 (20% fragrance load)

 - The following will demonstrate how to create an 8 oz reed diffuser 

    - Using a scale, measure out 80% reed diffuser base (6.4 oz) into a container

    - Add 20% fragrance oil (1.6 oz) to the same container 

    - Mix throughly for 30-45 seconds to ensure base and fragrance blend together

    - Pour mixture into vessel or presentation container of choice

    - Add 6-8 diffuser sticks to vessel

    - Flip diffuser sticks once per week for maximum longevity and fragrance dispersion

 - Recommended cure time: 24-48 hours