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Oil burners are a staple in nearly every home. Whether customers use them for ceremonial purposes or simply a nice fragrance, our Glass Globe Touch Oil Warmer will fly off the shelves. Perhaps the most popular aspect of the oil burner is the touch feature. It adds efficiency and safety to all of the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy. The unique globe design features a petal-like top, which almost makes the oil burner resemble an upside-down lotus flower. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is practical and efficient as well. It features a convenient touch design to decrease the chances of the burner getting pulled off the table every time it’s turned on and off.

How It Works: 

The touch lamp is relatively simple in functionality. There is a lightbulb that gets screwed into the bottom of the oil burner. The fragrance or essential oils are then added to the top, and the burner gets plugged in and turned on. Customers are likely to buy multiple burners too because they work best in small areas. Because of that, buying oil burners in bulk is recommended. 

Why It Works: 

The benefits of the oil burner depend on how consistent the person is with their aromatherapy regimen. That said, the touch lamp works simply because of electricity. It might sound made up, but the oil burner’s straightforward design is partly why it’s so popular. Electricity conducts heat, and the longer something is turned on, it gradually gets hotter. However, with our bulk collection of touch lamps, it is done so in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Place dual oils/Wax melts fragrance tray on top of lamp.
  • Drop your favorite essentials on top of tray.
  • Plug in and turn on your lamp.
  • Us dimmer attached to cable to adjudt heat intensity to warm and diffuse your favorite fragrances oils or wax melts.


  • Easy to Use
  • Touch Lamp
  • Eliminates Fire Hazard
  • Available in Purple